VEEVUM SYNC is a new spin on our VEEVUM SERIES.

While their predecessors make use of short or long sustains samples,

VEEVUM SYNC instruments make use of audio loops, which will sync to your HOST tempo.

This collection currently includes:



VEEVUM SYNC sound sources include pulses, riffs, phrases, rhythms, arpeggios, sparse melodies and effects. 

VEEVUM SYNC loops can be divided into slices which will play in random order. or following specific preset patterns. Or a user-defined order.

Loops can be synced to HOST tempo or play double speed or half speed.

In VEEVUM SYNC GOLD EDITION, there is also an auto-pan feature to place the selected loops in the stereo field and avoid clashing with each other.

See what Veevum Sync can do:


What’s New in Veevum Sync


Veevum Sync in a Full Arrangement



VEEVUM SYNC retains all the features of the VEEVUM SERIES, including:

Arpeggiator with optional two areas split.

Sound sources randomisation.

Category filtering.

Total patch randomisation.


Step filter and step volume.

Convolution reverb.

Random convolution fx and panning.

Voice management.

Key Scale manager.

And more.