VEEVUM  is a growing series of Ambient and Cinematic instruments for modern producers and composers.

Each of these libraries is incredibly deep and absolutely packed to the brim with incredible sounds and ridiculous features for the price. I am consistently blown away by the uniqueness and depth of their products, and the fact they are so packed with content while maintaining an affordable price point. If you … enjoy unique soundscapes and playable textures, do yourself a favor and check out Veevum…  from Audiofier!

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With Veevum’s unique “honeycomb style” interface you will focus more on the sound relying more on your ears than your sight to look for that specific sound you had in mind


With Veevum you will realise your will spend less time in searching for the sounds through endless lists of meaningless sound names, and pay more attention to what each sound actually  sounds like.

This bundle was an absolute gem to experiment with, particularly for its versatility and customisable sound palette. Although advertised for Ambient Cinematic style we feel it would also be a great soundscape for video games or even a nice layer in many different musical styles.

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Making use of the same playing modes of the acclaimed Veevum Series, VEEVUM HUMAN includes vocal textures, vocal lines  with applied rhythmic effects processing, male and female tones ranging from soft gospel  background vocals to raging metal wails.

VEEVUM HUMAN provides pads, soundscapes, pulses, staccatos, plucks, loops and effects  generated from a large pool of human voice recordings. Organic & delicate and unrecognisable and otherworldly at times.



VEEVUM ASTRA is the fourth member of VEEVUM SERIES. With this installment we wanted to explore new sound scapes possibilities, producing more evolving recordings as the sources of VEEVUM’s samples pool.

VEEVUM ASTRA’s sounds mutate overtime, in unpredictable ways, even within the same sound source. Coupled with VEEVUM SERIES unique engine, these sounds will never sound stale or repetitive.


With VEEVUM TERRA we went back to sampling acoustic instruments. We used various recording equipment including analog tape, cassette tape, valve preamps and consoles. Then we processed the recordings further to make them unique and almost unrecognisable.

The result is an organic blend of old and new, earthly sampling as we define it, perfect for ambient and film music, but also beyond those boundaries of genre.


VEEVUM LUNA is the grittier of all VEEVUMs. With this instrument we wanted to stretch our imagination and vision for sound. We recorded synths through guitar pedals, drenched in an ever changing effect chain.

The result is a canvas of many colours, trending to degrade to grey. Many sound source thread the spacey territory, while others dwell on a dusty, rocky road. VEEVUM LUNA is the perfect companion that completes this series… for now.



VEEVUM ONE is the first member of VEEVUM SERIES. Its sound sources have been meticulously multisampled using the iconic Roland s-50 sampler which famously retains an incredible bass frequency content even when a sample is stretched all the way on the keyboard.

Fifty sound sources have been sampled at 15khz sampling rate, to retain the nostalgic Lo-Fi sound of the Roland S-50. Other fifty were sampled at 30khz, giving the highest sampling rate offered by the S-50 sampler, yet retaining its distinctive character.


VEEVUM REAL offers sound sources that derives from recordings of acoustic instruments and have been subsequently processed in many different ways. Some audio files have been manipulated so intensively that are almost unrecognisable, giving life to textures and soundscapes that are unique but still retain somewhat the organic nature of the original recordings they derive from.

Some other samples come from instruments performances which have  amore free tempo rhythmic nature. These sound sources provide unpredictability, unexpected results in the sound canvas, which makes the overall soundscape less stale and evolving.


VEEVUM A/D includes recordings from analog and digital synths. Special custom patches have been created with the vision to be sampled specifically for this instrument. Rich pads and atmospheres, noise randomisations and sparse note performances have been captured keeping in mind the sound architecture of the Veevum Series, in order to provide many sources to create expressive combinations of layers which never sound too heavy or cluttered.

Each Veevum Instruments offers 100 sound sources and 50+ snapshots/presets. But the best part is the randomisation engine that creates new patches on the fly.

Watch the video overview

(this video sometimes refers to the discontinued Veevum trilogy bundle, but the functionality of each instrument is still the same, even though they can’t be purchased as a bundle anymore)