SEQui2R has just become Analog!!!

SEQui2R Synth is SEQui2R’s little BIG brother.

It retains 99% of its predecessor’s features and has some new surprises too!

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SEQui2R Synth features 2 main oscillators,
a Sub Oscillator and a Noise Generator.

It includes around 80 waveforms divided in 8 different categories:

Saw, Square, Sine, Triangle,
Pulse, Mixed, Unison and Driven.

Individual Amp, Pitch, Filter and Pulsewidth
Envelopes and LFOs for each Oscillator.


Like its predecessor, SEQui2R Synth’s step sequencer is uniquely powerful, fun and creative. It features:

Portamento mode per step,

2 Stutter modes per step,

Ornamento per step,

Random/Improvisation per step

plus Volume, Pan, 2 Filters and Distortion per step!

NB: Sequi2r Synth is nor an Update of Sequi2r neither an Expansion, it’s a different product with similar features.

SEQui2R Synth – Audio and Video

Let’s recap…

SEQui2R Synth Facts:

  • Two separate sound engines/oscillators
  • 8 different waveforms categories chosen from the amazing Galbanum, Architecture Waveforms collection, including: Sine, Square, Saw, Triangle, Pulse, Unison, Driven and Mixed.
  • 10 Waveforms per category including Inverse, Serial, Fractal, Formant and more**
  • Sub Oscillator with Square and Sine waveforms and Noise Generator (White and Pink)
  • Individual Tempo-Syncable LFOs and Envelopes for Pitch, Volume, Filter and Pulsewidth, for each oscillator.
  • Extremely small library size, for fastest loading time.
  • Multisampled Single Cycle Waveforms, not samples of Vintage Synths.
  • 8 programmable phrases per patch, with step-able Filters, Distortion, Lo-Fi, Pitch Bend, Volume and and Pan.
  • Key/Scale Control keeps your phrases in the desired scale and key. Major, Minor, Diminished and Whole-tone scales are provided.
  • Portamento per step.
  • Stutter and Ornamento per step.
  • Random notes per step, improvisation function.
  • Selectable randomisation of Sounds, StepFX, phrases, Filters, Envelopes and LFOs.
  • 10 User programmable scales available per patch.
  • Import and Export of User Key/Scales.
  • Midi Notes Midifile Drag & Drop export.
  • Includes Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Convolution Reverb per engine and a Master Digital Reverb.
  • Additional Master Fx, choose among Flanger, Rotor, Bus Compressor and Cabinet Simulation.
  • Over 20 selectable Filters per oscillator, including 4Pole, Ladder, Daft, Pro52, HP, BP, LP and Notch, one per engine, assignable to desired Midi CC.
  • Automate-able Step effects, even at a phrase level.
  • Over 100 Snapshots/presets in 3 categories: Cinematic, Modern and Vintage.
  • Total sound creation from scratch, from simple single waveforms to very complex 4 oscillators architecture.
  • Scripted Unison mode, up to 8 voices.
  • Includes Sampled Unison Saws, Sine, Square, Triangle and , Supersaw and Ultrasaw waveforms to reduce CPU consumption at high voices count.
  • Requires FULL VERSION of NI KONTAKT 5.5. It is not compatible with NI Kontakt Player.

For full list of features please download  SEQui2R Synth’s User Manual

** 7  Waveforms in the Pulse category. The width control simulates morphing from 50% to 100% pulsewidth.


Audiofier SEQui2R Synth




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Sequi2r EX and Sequi2r Synth comparison chart

Sound Engines 2 Sound Sources plus 2 Sub Layers 2 Oscillators + Noise & Sub Oscillator
Sound Generation Samples Single Cycle Waveforms
Sound Sources 660 (Factory +Expansions) 80 Waveforms + 2 Noise & 2 Sine Sub, 2 Square Sub waveforms
Master Filters  Selectable LP/HP per Sound Source  One per Oscillator, Over 20 Selectable Types
Amp Envelope ASHR per oscillator Full AHDSR per oscillator
Pitch Envelope N/A Amount, Atk, Hold, Rel per oscillator
Filter Envelope N/A Amount, Atk, Hold, Rel per oscillator
Pulse Width Envelope N/A Amount, Atk, Hold, Rel per oscillator
LFO N/A Amp LFO, Pitch LFO, Filter LFO, Pulse width LFO per Oscillator
Voices N/A Unison, up to 8 voices, Spread & Detune
Play Modes Free Synth Mode & Step Sequencer Free Synth Mode & Step Sequencer
Portamento Per Step Per Step & Synth Mode
Mono Mode N/A Synth Mode only
Dynamics CC Yes N/A
Effects Eq, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Reverb per Engine Eq, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Reverb per Engine, Master Saturation, Master Stereo Widener, plus Selectable Master Rotor, Flanger, Compressor, Cabinet, Master HiPass Filter
Sequencer Phrases 8 8
Step Effects Volume, Pan, Filter, Talk, Drive, Bend, Choke, Bit Reducer per Engine Volume, Pan, Filter, Talk, Drive, Bend, Choke, Bit Reducer per Engine
Step Sequencer Features Velocity, Solo Group, Random Note, 2 Stutter modes, Ornamento, Portamento, Reverse Velocity, Solo Group, Random Note, 2 Stutter modes, Ornamento,Portamento
Improvisation Modes Higher Notes Only, Lower Notes Only, Both Higher Notes Only, Lower Notes Only, Both
Key/Scale features Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor, Diminished and Whole-tone scales plus 10 User programmable scales Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor, Diminished and Whole-tone scales plus 10 User programmable scales
Key/Scale Import/Export Yes Yes
Phrase Import/Export Yes Yes
Midi Drag & Drop Yes Yes
Random Engine Notes, Sound Sources, Note Division Notes, Sound Sources, Note Division, Pitch LFO, Pitch Env, Filter LFO, Filter Env, Pulse LFO, Pulse Env, Amp Env, Delay & Reverb Amounts
Download Size Over 11.35GB Less than 300Mb
Expandability Sequi2r 1.2 users can update to Sequi2r EX N/A

NB: All other features not mentioned in the list above are present in both products.