Riffendium 1.02 update files

Below are the links to the 1.02 Update files.

Pls download only the one you need to avoid jamming the servers. These are only updates files and are not sufficient for the full instruments to work.

This update reduces CPU usage. No new features were added.

NB: Customers who bought Riffendium 1,2 or 3 after 18/10/2019 are already up to date and won’t need this update.

Update instructions:

  1. The Link will take you to Dropbox, but you can download the files even if you don’t have an account. Just click on the arrow (Or OPEN tab – Depending on the browser) on the upper right of the screen and select “Direct Download”.
  2. Unzip all the downloaded files
  3. Find in each Riffendium folder you own the .nki .nkc and .nkr files and move them elsewhere for the time being.
  4. Place the update files (.nki .nkc .nkr)  in their stead respecting the folder structure. Do not mix the main instrument files with the DI files (example do not place Riffendium DI.nki and RiffendiumREVDI.nki  in the same folder as Riffendium.nki and RiffendiumREV.nki)
  5. Open each instrument and check that all is working fine. Make sure you see the 1.02 version written on the left upper side of the GUI.
  6. Trash the older  .nki .nkc and .nkr files that you moved elsewhere.
  7. Enjoy!