Redeem your library using Pulse Downloader

Pulse is the industry standard for downloading, installing, updating and managing your sample libraries – all in one place. Download at blazing fast speeds and retain access to your products forever.



1-Download Pulse now

Easily download and access your sample libraries, anytime, any place.

2-Redeem Then Download

Adding a product in Pulse is easy – simply click on “Add a Product”, enter your “Redemption Key” (received when purchasing your sample library), press “Redeem” and its in your library, with access to it forever.

  • Choose when and where to install your products
  • No more “download link expired” messages
  • Fast download and auto extraction

3-Install the presets

In your downloaded library folder locate a folder called “Snapshots” , or “Put_this_in_the_correct_Snapshots_path”.

Place the content of that folder (it will be a folder with the name of the library you purchased) in the following directory:

Mac OS Snapshots Folder:

System Drive/Users//Documents/Native Instruments/UserContent/Kontakt/

PC Snapshots Folder:

C:\Users\\Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\Kontakt\