Redeem your library using Pulse Downloader

Pulse is the industry standard for downloading, installing, updating and managing your sample libraries – all in one place. Download at blazing fast speeds and retain access to your products forever.



1-Download Pulse now

Easily download and access your sample libraries, anytime, any place.

2-Redeem Then Download

Adding a product in Pulse is easy – simply click on “Add a Product”, enter your “Redemption Key” (received when purchasing your sample library), press “Redeem” and its in your library, with access to it forever.

  • Choose when and where to install your products
  • No more “download link expired” messages
  • Fast download and auto extraction
  • Automatic presets (Snapshots) installation

3- Regarding the presets

From December 2021 all Audiofier Libraries’s (except for Randomisers series bundle) snapshots will be installed automatically by PULSE DOWNLOADER. If you need to locate them after the installation, you may find them at the following location:

Mac OS Snapshots Folder:

System Drive/Users//Documents/Native Instruments/UserContent/Kontakt/

PC Snapshots Folder:

C:\Users\\Documents\Native Instruments\User Content\Kontakt\