How to redeem your purchased library, bought from third party shops including BestService, Audiodeluxe, JRRshop, PluginFox, and APD Shop and more.

After you paid for your purchase, you should have received an email from the shop including a COUPON CODE. The coupon code starts with the letters XM or APD.

Each COUPON CODE is only valid once for the purchased product. This COUPON CODE is essentially a discount code that will reset the shopping cart amount to zero. So a new “purchase” will have to be made in this page, but no worries, you will not be billed.



Select the correct product from the list below. The “shopping cart” will appear. Paste the COUPON CODE you received from the reseller into the PROMOTIONAL CODE FIELD as you see in the picture on the right, and press APPLY.

You will see the window updating to “YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED TODAY.”

Add your details and complete the purchase (YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED) and you’ll be shown a REDEMPTION KEY (also called LICENSE KEY) with which you can redeem your product using  PULSE DOWNLOADER. (You will also receive an email with same info).


PULSE DOWNLOADER  reduces downloading times considerably and places the files in the correct folder structure.

PULSE DOWNLOADER  keeps all your purchase in one place and you can download them anytime, without having to requests new links and wait for our reply.

Choose your Purchased Library from the list below

Make sure you choose the correct library, otherwise your coupon will not work. Redeem ONLY ONE COUPON at once. More libraries at once will not be discounted to zero amount.

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